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 The Cat thread

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PostSubject: The Cat thread   Sat Sep 19, 2009 5:02 pm

Hello, everyone!
y name is Cat, and I love Maximum Ride (Obviously haha)
I liike music... no, I LOVE music! With a passion.
I love anything rock and some country, on occasiona little pop.
I hate rap though. Bleh.
I love movies especially Underworld.
I enjoy readingvery much and if you have any suggestions, I'm in need of something to read!
I'm a very random person and enjoy various activities such as guitar and fencing.
I also am proud of my singing voice, but self-concious when I hit high-notes.
I have a bit of a temper, which I trymy best to control when I'm mad at friends or family, but enemies beware haha.

My loverss:
Michael Corvin - Underworld. (He's my favorite. <3333333)
Simon - Mortal Instruments
Iggy - MR
Fang - MR (I traded Becky for Michael)
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The Cat thread
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