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 The Rebellion

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PostSubject: The Rebellion   Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:51 pm

A/N: 200 years in the future, The Volturi have taken over the world. The Cullens have been executed for resisting, and now the oldest child in each family is taken to an institute where they are changed into a vampire. Their supernatural power and eye color depends on their food choice. Human blood, results in red eyes and a strong, offensive power. These vampires are usually recruited to the Volturi guard which is growing by the day. Animal blood results in golden eyes and either no power or mild offensive ones. These are usually set to run institutes. Vampires not recruited for either jobs become either bounty hunters or recruiters. But six unruly students are going to escape.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight universe, but do own many of the characters in this fic.

Prologue – 2055: Alice’s POV

I am done fighting, as is my family. We are the only ones who have not either been swayed or killed, and I have foreseen our death at least twice a day. And we are now in Volterra, on a platform for all 300 of their guard to see, about to be burned. I take one last, long look at my family before it all ends. Bella, Edward and Nessie are all huddled close together; Carlisle and Esme were leaning on each other and looking at each other with forlorn, loving last looks, Rosalie and Emmett were locked in one last passionate embrace.

I then turned my gaze to Jasper at my side. My only true love. “I love you.” I whispered to him. He hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead. He used his gift to try and calm me down, but all I could manage was a sad little smile.

“I love you too.” He whispered. If I were able to, I’d be crying like I’d never cried before.

And as I see the flames creep up to us and hear a cheer rise in the crowd. “Goodbye.” I whisper, my eyes locked with Jasper’s. And the flames touch me and I stifle a scream as I feel them engulfing me, until it stops. It all stops. Not just the pain, but the fear, the deafening cheers, Aro’s cruel smile... It has all stopped.

It’s over.

Chapter One – 2210: Amanda’s POV

I finish my training for the day, dispatching another of the dummies made of lead. They really need a more challenging course for third-years like me. Even though I don’t support the Volturi—I don’t have a choice whether or not I work for them, anyhow—I do need something to occupy myself. I hear the screams of those going through the change. I’m nervous now. My cousin’s birthday was three days ago. He should be fully changed soon. And that’s when I see him, in all his tall, blonde glory, coming out, looking quite confused.

I grin and run to him. “IGGY!” I scream, hugging him tightly. He jumps, because I probably hadn’t given him time to notice who I was. I pulled back, grinning.

“Mandy?” He asked as if he wasn’t fully sure it was me. It’s understandable. I haven’t seen him in three years, I look a bit different with my flawlessness and my red eyes, plus. He remembers me from his human memories, which are a bit hard to access.

“Who’d you think I was, that one celebrity girl you always had a crush on as a kid?” I joked, looking back into my foggy human memories of him staring dreamily at the TV every time she came on screen.

“I did not have a crush on her! She was just the only good-looking girl that wasn’t my relative!” He protested. I rolled my eyes, and look him over. He looks so much different from the thirteen-year-old-kid I hadn’t seen since I was taken here.

He’s much taller, and his face is older, of course. And he now has the unnatural beauty of the vampires. His eyes were red, because he’s a newborn, but I’m unsure if his will permanently stay red like mine, or if he chose animals and his eyes will become that pretty golden color.

“So... er... which... food source do you choose?” I asked softly. Growing up, Ig and I had both known we were going to be turned, but he’d always been so scared of it. I didn’t bother since I knew there wasn’t a way to prevent it.

“Animal. They gave me some of my first before I came out here.” He said. It didn’t surprise me. He’d been a vegetarian his whole human life and I guess that was as close to his comfort zone as he could get.

I smiled. “I figured you would.” I said.

“Pffft, you knew I would.” He smiled in the goofy way of his. I saw a couple of my friends I’d met here walk past, one of them giggling and smiling.

Oh, Lordy, Ig. Your first day and you’re already seducing girls. Well, might as well spare awkward glances he’d get for weeks, I’ll introduce them.

I whistled loudly and gestured to them. “Over here!” I called, and my friends, big cheesy grins and all, came over to us. If possible, they’d blush extremely.

“Is he your brother?” Carrie asked. Brenda, who was slightly smarter than Care, rolled her eyes.

“How would he be her brother? The oldest child is taken from each family.” She said in her matter-of-fact way. As is easy to see, my friends are quite different from each other. But we all get on.

“He’s my cousin.” I put in, shrugging.

“Well, I mean, you guys have the same here and similar facial structure, plus eye color!” Carrie said, desperately trying to prove her point.

Iggy snickered. Brenda shook her head. I covered my laugh with a cough—kinda pointless though, ‘cause we don’t cough.

“Erm, no, honey,” Brenda tried to put it nicely. “Mandy’s a normal vamp and has red eye. Her cousin’s eyes are red because he just got changed and is a newborn.”

“Ooohhhhhh!” Carrie said as if someone had just made quantum physics understandable to her.

“My name is Iggy, by the way.” He said, holding a hand out to them. Carrie shook his hand first, enthusiastically.

“Carrie.” She said in a shy, flirty manner. I rolled my eyes. At this institute, Carrie had... shall I say... a reputation. She wasn’t the brightest, and was a bit of a slut. But she was a total sweetheart if you took the time to know her. But unfortunately, people don’t. Probably because, by looking at her skimpy outfits, people label her a whore right away.

Brenda shook his hand without interest. “Brenda. Or Bre, if you like.” She shrugged.

“Okay, got it.” He nodded.

Bre, unlike Carrie, wasn’t known for ever having a romantic relationship. She was more of a theoretic person, and her appearance showed it. He dark brown hair usually in a ponytail, and usually wearing jeans and a sweater, she obviously wasn’t a party girl. She also loved drawing, usually really lovely detailed pictures of women that looked like princesses from fairytales.

I wasn’t sure what I was. I’d had a few boyfriends; I dressed average, and occasionally was a bit nutty. But this wasn’t normal high school; it was an institute for the damned, so popularity isn’t a huge thing.

The bell rang the signal that this was mealtime

Unlike the former, feral vampires, we were served in cups, then given the rest of the hour to socialize.

So, we sat at the same table at always, except Ig occupied the empty seat now. Let me go over who all sits here.

As mentioned previously, there’s Me, Carrie, Bre, Bre’s friend Lauren, who’s probably the funniest person you could ever meet, and Colin. Colin was a tall, skinny guy with dark hair who I’ve crushed on for months, but not wanted to weird out the friendship so I say nothing.

And welcome to our little vamp clique. This place is surprisingly clique-y!

“So, I’m really gonna put operation rebellion into play soon.” Colin said, as usual.

“No you’re not.” Lauren rolled her eyes, and then returned to her conversation with Bre about some book I’ve never read.

“What’s ‘operation rebellion’?” Iggy asked.

“His dream of all of us busting out of here and rebelling against the Volturi. Great idea, but not gonna happen.” I shrugged.

“It’s not just a dream. It’s just hit a few... roadblocks is all.” Colin said, indignantly. “I will try it.” He said, stubbornly.

I looked him in the eye. “I know you will. I just don’t think we’ll succeed.”

“But if I did, would you come with me?” He asked in a low voice. His tone seemed more serious than normal, so everyone was watching him.

“Well, sure. Why?” I was a bit nervous now.

“Because I’m really going to do it next week. And I’m not going to be able alone. Look at all your abilities, guys. Amanda wipes memories, I can read auras, Carrie has got, like, a siren song thing going on, Bre’s telekinetic, and Lauren can make someone laugh uncontrollably. If we break into an institute somewhere else, and get some people from every institute, and keep building and build, and maybe even change people ourselves, we can totally do it!” Another thing, Colin could totally have been a motivational speaker.

“You know what, I’m in.” I said. We needed to.

“If she’s in, I am.” Iggy, ever faithful said.

“Oh, sure. Why not?” Bre sighed

“I’m in too.” Lauren took a glance at Bre.

“Well if everyone else is going, I’m not gonna stay here by myself!” Carrie said.

“Sweet.” Colin grinned.

“A week from now is the first day of a revolution.”
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The Rebellion
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